Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Cape Town Shipwreck Pizza Delivery

Certainly a pizza delivery like never before, and perhaps never again! The delivery boys from a Cape Town Pizza business goes the extra (sea) mile for their customers!

Some of you might remember this event from a couple of years ago if you were in the Cape Town area. It crossed my mind again (for some unknown reason!) and after looking it up, I found the pics and videos all around the internet! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012, a Japanese fishing trawler became stuck in the shallow Clifton sands, and simply popping it into reverse was going to help! With about 30 crew members and a dog on board, this gigantic piece of metal on the famous Clifton beach wasn't going anywhere! A massive, multimillion Rand operation finally moved the doomed ship to Cape Town harbour.

The smart guys from Butler's pizza realised that these guys need to eat! With the help from a local radio station they ordered a few pizzas. Within minutes three 'butlers', all dressed up in their red bow-ties, took on the icy waters of Cape Town to get their piping hot pizzas to their hungry customers... stuck on a shipwreck!

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