Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just Nuisance - The dog statue in Simon's Town, Cape Town

Many will point, some will take a photo and others might have their kids climb on it for a family holiday snapshot. The statue of a proud, Great Dane keeping an eye over the historic Jubilee Square day in and day out have hundreds of tourists asking "Why is there a statue of a dog in the middle of Simon's Town?"

Just Nuisance is the beautiful story of a puppy, born in 1937 who followed his master to work every day and became good friends with the hundreds of navy seamen based in Simon's Town. He would spend his days between the docked ships, on the harbour wall and sometimes even in the pubs during evening festivities!

Just Nuisance also enjoyed taking the train with the seamen. The conductors didn't like this one bit and threatened to put down the dog. The seamen, along with Cape Town residents would not allow this, and realised they can save him and allow him free train rides if he is enlisted as an official seaman in the navy. After handing in his application as 'First Name: Just, Last Name: Nuisance', the first and only dog in the Royal Navy was enlisted.

Just Nuisance never went to sea. He mostly accompanied sailors on train rides and walked them to their quarters when the bars closed. The dog appeared at promotional events, had an official, uniformed wedding and sometimes appeared as the poster boy for motivational pamphlets sent to the World War 2 soldiers.

Just Nuisance died after complications from a car crash in 1944 and left behind his beautiful wife (Adinda) and 5 healthy puppies! With his death and burial his body was covered with a Royal Naval Ensign. He was honoured with a gun salute and full naval honours.